Introducing BasildON Creative People and Places

It’s an exciting time for Basildon. The borough is on the cusp of a 3-year programme of community-led cultural experimentation to unleash the creative potential of 180,000 artists across its streets and neighbourhoods through a brand new Arts Council funded programme, BasildON Creative People and Places. This role gives you a chance involved from the very beginning, working with a small dynamic team of 3 Creative People and Places managers with the support of cultural placemaking specialists Things Made Public, a diverse network of stakeholders on the BasildON Consortium and cutting edge participatory arts companies. Together, you will be working with local people to develop, commission and deliver projects that challenge the perceptions of what culture is, how it is made, where it happens and who it is for. A radically sustainable cultural system in Basildon that ensures no cultural expression is undervalued, no creative mind goes to waste, no curiosity goes unsatisfied and no voice goes unheard.

As the Sustainability Manager you will be responsible for delivering exciting and engaging cultural projects, that are always building towards the future, creating the necessary infrastructure, partnerships and income sources to sustain them beyond the initial 3 year programme. You will be working with partners and residents to deliver high quality cultural events, projects and activities that earn the Trust of local people, are Gutsy in trying new things, build the Confidence for communities to make their own decisions, Unleash the pioneering, ‘us vs the world’, banter-filled, fearless creativity of Basildon, and value the Worth of everyone who contributes, in whatever way. You will also pioneer a radically sustainable approach to cultural programming, appropriate for the challenging times we live in, ensuring the programme has a positive impact on our Environment and calling on the Basildon ‘Do-it-Yourself’ attitude to be Thrifty with the valuable resources we have to hand.

With a budget of £1.7m over four years these projects will offer an opportunity to build a lasting legacy of cultural activity across the borough. We hope that the opportunity to make the vision for BasildON Creative People and Places a reality appeals to you and that you will consider applying.


As Sustainability Manager you will be joining a small team dedicated to delivering the BasildON Creative People and Places programme, including the Programme Director, responsible for implementing the BasildON Business Plan, and a Programme Manager responsible for logistics of project delivery. The core team will be supported by the wider Things Made Public team who, as lead organisation in the BasildON Creative People and Places programme, will provide strategic and marketing support across the activities of the programme, and coordinate the support of the BasildON Consortium, a partnership of 25 stakeholder organisations who have backed the BasildON Creative People and Places programme. In addition to this, you will also work with specialist delivery partners supporting everything from Evaluation to the development of an Environmental Sustainability policy. Everyone on our team will take collective responsibility for turning visions into tangible projects, mucking-in to deliver high quality projects, but as Sustainability Manager you will be responsibility for taking a long-view of cultural activity in the programme, identifying strategic opportunities, funding and partnerships to ensure successful initiatives can extend and grow beyond their initial Creative People and Places funding. You will be responsible not only for the economic sustainability of the programme, but also its environmental sustainability, ensuring it promotes positive action against climate change, and its social sustainability, ensuring it offers equitable opportunities for all people across participation, commissioning and contracting.

From day one you will be working closely with local people, to make sure BasildON Creative People and Places is created with and by residents, not for. One of the first opportunities of the role will be to help build our Community Voices programme, getting out and meeting people, listening to them, sharing information about Creative People and Places, encouraging them to subscribe to the online platform and sharing opportunities to get involved through commissioning panels, polls, the BasildON steering group and voluntary roles across the programme. You will be helping set up the community structures, voluntary steering groups and ‘Pioneer Panels’ that will be at the heart of all the Creative People and Places activity and oversee the skills, confidence and capacity of these bodies to be the driving force of culture in the borough.

The delivery of each project strand will see you collaborating with our Evaluation partner to ensure we are gathering the feedback and data that can consistently inform the direction of the programme, monitor progress against the targets of the BasildON CPP Business Plan, and evidence the impact of projects to support future funding applications, proposals to commercial partners and community support.

You will work with commissioned artists and organisations, contractors, local businesses, landlords and public sector partners to identify long term legacies for projects, grow the range of spaces and locations in the borough where culture can happen, integrate cultural strategies into good local business practice and strengthen the overall capacity of the borough’s culture sector. This will involve an ability to assess the success and longer term viability of projects, mentoring a wide variety of partners, communities and artists, and creating strong networks and partnerships within and beyond Basildon. You’ll be an inspirational, evidence-led champion of sustainable community culture, capable of presenting the case for Basildon culture to anyone from potential funders, business leaders and landlords to local councillors, community leaders and residents. You will embody the values of sustainability in everything you do, seeing environmental, social and economic sustainability as inextricably linked and integral to BasildON Creative People and Places, not add-ons.

Overall Responsibilities

Work closely with the Programme Director, Programme Manager and the programme’s strategic support team in the creation of an accessible and diverse cultural offer through the project strands outlined in the BasildON Creative People and Places business plan.

Play an active role in the planning and delivery of the programme with particular reference to creating a culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable programme

Work with the Evaluation Partner to identify and communicate the impact of theBasildON CPP programme to wider stakeholders

Contribute to media and marketing materials particularly in regards to communicating the impact and long-term ambitions of the BasildON CPP Programme

Cultural Sustainability

Develop excellent relationships with cultural organisations and artists within Basildon including Basildon Council, to ensure they are able to take full advantage of opportunities offered within the BasildON programme, and to collectively address gaps in the sector’s sustainability

Act as an advisor to local artists and organisations in regards to their individual and collective development and sustainability

Help the Programme Director and Programme Manager ensure that the Basildon CPP Programme helps support the capacity and sustainability of the Basildon cultural sector through effective partnerships, commissioning opportunities and targeted development support

Work with the Programme Director, BasildON Consortium, Community Voices and delivery partners to develop strategies for sustaining or ensuring legacy from CPP projects, commissions and initiatives beyond their initial CPP funding

Support the Programme Director and Programme Manager in ensuring the decision making framework by which the Basildon Consortium and Community Voices drive the direction of the programme offers a long-term model for effective and sustainable cultural management

Support the BasildON Steering Group and Creative Pioneer Panels in becoming confident and skilled decision-making bodies

Financial Sustainability

Lead on raising partnership funding from earned income, sponsorship, rates mitigation, crowdfunding and grant applications

Research new funding opportunities in the fields of arts, regeneration and community participation including trusts and foundations, strategic partnerships, private sector partnerships and crowdfunding

Manage and maintain excellent relationships with BasildON Creative People and Places funding partners including Arts Council England, private sector sponsors and Basildon Council

Draft programme and project-based funding applications to enhance the existing programme and secure its longevity

Support Community Voices, the BasildON Consortium and the BasildON Steering Group in pursuing independent fundraising activities connected to arts and culture

Work with the Programme Director and Programme Manager to ensure grant funded activities are delivered in line with grant agreements

Work with the Programme Director and Things Made Public to develop a culture of partnership with Basildon’s private sector and landlords

Environmental Sustainability

Work with our Environmental Sustainability partner to develop an Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy for BasildON CPP

Lead on embedding the Environmental Sustainability Policy within the CPP programme including supporting staff, delivery partners and community stakeholders to buy into the policy

Oversee the alignment BasildON CPP projects and activities with the Environmental Sustainability Policy including setting out expectations for contractors and delivery partners

Support the Programme Director, Programme Manager and delivery partners in taking a reduce, reuse, recycle approach to resources used within projects.

Work with the Evaluation Partner to ensure appropriate data is gathered from projects to allow for effective monitoring and evaluation of environmental impacts

Communicate the rationale, impact and evidence for BasildON CPPs environmentally sustainable approach to local stakeholders, regional partners and the cultural sector

Personal Qualities

Relationship builder – you are capable of understanding and working with people across a diversity of sectors, backgrounds and needs, finding common values and language between them

Mentor – you are someone people go to for trusted advice, skilled in signposting, nudging and supporting people around you in their development

Persuasive – you are able to effectively make your case to different audiences by appealing to their interests and values

Organised – you can effectively manage large amounts of information and provide oversight across a complex range of activity

Passionate – you care deeply about social impact, environmental sustainability and the value of culture

Systems Thinker – you are able to see patterns where others don’t and see how small changes to individual elements within a complex system can lead to broad changes

Long-view – you can stay focused on long term goals without being blinded by short-term needs

Knowledge & Experience


Fundraising or development responsibilities within an organisation

Understanding and/or experience within


Experience working with artists and cultural organisations

Experience working with the private sector in the delivery of events, public engagement or similar programmes

Experience of co-production and shared-decision making techniques

Experience of participatory culture, place-based regeneration and community-led cultural programming

Experience co-ordinating volunteer groups

Knowledge and understanding of the local area, its culture, history and context

Experience of implementing high standards of environmental sustainability within projects, workplaces or programmes


Responsible to: BasildON CPP Programme Director

Responsible for: BasildON subcontractors and volunteers

Location: Basildon

Salary: 25,000 p/a

Contract: Contract offered by Things Made Public CIC on behalf of the Basildon Consortium and BasildON Creative People and Places programme. Fixed term contract until October 2023, with a six month probation period. Contract may be extended subject to funding for future phases of BasildON Creative People and Places programme.

Notice period: Three months following the successful complete of six month probation period.

Hours of work: Typically 40 hours per week worked flexibly to fit in with the need of the programme. This will include work in the evenings and at the weekends.

Annual paid leave: 28 working days paid leave, including public holidays

To apply, please send the following to Christine Santa Ana, Programme Director:

(1)A cover letter (no more than 2 sides A4) outlining why you are applying for this role, how your skills and experience meet the job description and person specification and how you would approach this role.

(2)Two employment referees, one being your most recent or current employer.


to Christine Santa Ana, Programme Director:

Closing date:

Friday 30th October 2020

First round interview:

Friday 6th November 2020

Second round interview:

Friday 13th November 2020

Anticipated start date:

Monday 4th January 2021